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iPhone 15 Wozinsky Privacy Tempered Glass black

iPhone 15 Wozinsky Privacy Tempered Glass black

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Are you tired of prying eyes invading your privacy in public spaces or during meetings? Wozinsky introduces the Anti Spy Privacy Tempered Glass designed specifically for the iPhone 15 series. This advanced tempered glass not only provides robust protection against falls and scratches but also features an Anti Spy filter, allowing you to take control of your screen's privacy.


  • Brand: Wozinsky
  • Model: Anti Spy
  • Compatibility: iPhone 15

Key Features:

  1. Privacy Protection: The Anti Spy filter ensures that only you can view the contents of your iPhone 15 screen. When viewed from different angles, the screen appears dim to outsiders, allowing you to send private messages or view sensitive content discreetly, even in crowded places.

  2. Screen Protector: Beyond privacy, this tempered glass acts as a reliable shield for your iPhone 15, absorbing the impact energy from falls. Even if the glass itself is damaged, your delicate screen remains protected.

  3. Easy Assembly: The set comes with everything you need for a hassle-free installation of the tempered glass on your smartphone screen. No specialized support is required, making the process easy and straightforward.

  4. Unaffected Functionality: Despite its sturdy construction, the tempered glass does not interfere with the standard functioning of your device. The screen retains its vivid display, and touch sensitivity remains unaffected, ensuring you can use your iPhone as usual.

  5. Damage Prevention: The reinforced frame surrounding the glass enhances the appearance of your smartphone while providing extra edge protection. This design minimizes the risk of unsightly cracks and prevents particles from getting underneath the glass.

Bid farewell to nosy glances and regain your privacy with the Wozinsky Anti Spy Privacy Tempered Glass for the iPhone 15 series. Not only does it offer excellent device protection, but it also empowers you to keep your sensitive information confidential.

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