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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - Full Camera Glass for

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 - Full Camera Glass for

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Secure your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4's rear camera with the Wozinsky Full Camera Glass. Crafted from extremely durable 9H tempered glass, this accessory offers superior protection against impacts and scratches. The glass absorbs energy generated by impact, minimizing damage to the lens. With a precise fit, it covers the entire camera lens surface, ensuring comprehensive security without compromising photo quality. The elegant packaging prevents damage during transport, and the set includes cloths for cleaning the LCD screen.


  • Series: Wozinsky Full Camera Glass
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Device Model Codes:
    • SM-F936BZABEUE
    • SM-F936BZKBUE
    • SM-F936BZEBEUE
    • SM-F936BDRBEUE
    • SM-F936BZACEUE
    • SM-F936BZKCEUE
    • SM-F936BZECEUE
    • SM-F936BDRCEUE
    • SM-F936BZANEUE
    • SM-F936BZKNEUE
    • SM-F936BZENEUE
    • SM-F936BZABEUB
    • SM-F936BZKBEUB
    • SM-F936BZEBEUB
    • SM-F936BZACEUB
    • SM-F936BZKCEUB
    • SM-F936BZECEUB
    • SM-F936BZENEUB
    • SM-F936BZKNEUB
    • SM-F936BZANEUB
    • SM-F936BZADMEA
    • SM-F936BZKDMEA
    • SM-F936BZEDMEA
    • SM-F936BZAGMEA
    • SM-F936BZKGMEA
    • SM-F936BZEGMEA

Key Features:

  1. Perfectly Matched Design: Tailored for the entire surface of the rear camera, providing comprehensive protection without compromising photo quality.
  2. Diamond-Like Hardness (9H): Through a double hardening process, the cover is extremely durable and resistant to scratches and impacts.
  3. Photo Quality Preservation: Maintains perfect transparency, allowing for high-quality photos with no discernible difference.
  4. Complete Camera Protection: Guards the entire camera lens surface with a precise fit, offering a glove-like coverage for optimal security.
  5. Multi-Layer Construction: Comprising five separate layers, each contributes to strong assembly, high durability, and exceptional resistance to scratches and dirt.
  6. Ultra-Thin Design: With a thickness of only 0.2 mm, the glass is virtually invisible, ensuring minimal impact on the phone's appearance.

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