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iPhone 15 Pro Max Wozinsky Tempered Glass - 9H Hardness

iPhone 15 Pro Max Wozinsky Tempered Glass - 9H Hardness

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Introducing the Wozinsky Tempered Glass with 9H hardness, designed specifically for the iPhone 15 Pro. This highly durable glass offers superior protection for your device's screen, ensuring resistance against impacts and scratches. With its advanced features and easy installation process, it's an ideal choice for keeping your iPhone 15 Pro display safe.


  • Series: Wozinsky Tempered Glass
  • Compatibility: iPhone 15 Pro
  • Hardness: 9H
  • Packaging: New, originally packed, elegant rigid packaging
  • Included Accessories: Screen cleaning cloths, sticker for dust particle removal

Key Features:

  1. 9H Hardness: The tempered glass boasts a hardness level of 9H, providing exceptional protection for your iPhone 15 Pro screen. It effectively absorbs impact energy, minimizing the risk of display damage during falls.

  2. Impact and Scratch Resistance: Engineered to be extremely resistant to both impacts and scratches, this tempered glass ensures the longevity of your iPhone 15 Pro's screen, reducing the need for costly display replacements.

  3. Glue-Free Application: The tempered glass is designed for easy and glue-free assembly, ensuring a hassle-free installation process without any mess or residue.

  4. Easy to Assemble: The set includes everything you need for a seamless installation – tempered glass, screen cleaning cloths, and a sticker for dust particle removal. Follow the provided instructions for a quick and straightforward application.

  5. Flat Screen Coverage: Please note that the glass covers the flat part of the screen, excluding the rounded edges. This design choice maintains compatibility with various cases and ensures a smooth and secure fit.

How to Apply the Tempered Glass:

  1. Clean the screen of your iPhone 15 Pro thoroughly using the provided cloths.
  2. Peel off the protective tape from the tempered glass.
  3. Align and place the glass on the screen with precision.
  4. Remove air bubbles from under the glass using a tool such as an ATM card.

Choose Wozinsky Tempered Glass for iPhone 15 Pro to safeguard your device's screen with style and reliability. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your iPhone's display is well-protected against everyday challenges.

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